Sports and CBD

Sports and CBD 

You might have seen it before on social media accounts of athletes or other testimonials from athletes. Today a large and increasing group of elite athletes swears by the use of CBD oil in their routine. 

In 2018  the WADA ( World Anti-doping Agency)  removed hemp-derived cannabidiol ( CBD ) from its 2018 list of prohibited substances. Allowing athletes in the largest international athletic associations in the world like the IOC and FIFA as well as major sports leagues like UFC, NCAA, NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and many more to use CBD-infused products as to treat pain and inflammation based injury’s and disorders. That’s why you see an increasing number of CBD use in a wide variety of sports, and athletes were finally able to benefit from CBD without risking a ban for using a banned substance and the risk of losing sponsors. CBD supplements have the ability to be used for multiple purposes. 

It is used for example in cases of: 

  • Pain and tension from injuries 
  • Prevent injuries due to anti-inflammatory abilities 
  • Enhance the muscle recovery process 
  • Improve sleep 
  • Stress and anxiety management 

CBD supplements are often taken in the morning, pre and post workouts and before bedtime. 

Dosages are very varying from person to person. Mostly due to the intent of use of the product. 

Typical dosages are 10-50mg a day. But in case of pain management or heavy inflammation users have been reporting using higher dosages sometimes up to 100mg a day. 

If you’re thinking about using a CBD supplement for your sports performance or just in general, but you don’t know how? Contact us if you feel you need any help